Jonathan Shia, Weronika Banaś, Tara Maurice, and Whitney McGuire

Andel and Strategies for Sustainable Fashion

Last Thursday, Cero Collective hosted a panel discussion and cocktail reception sponsored by the New York EDITION to celebrate the launch of Andel, a fashion cooperative experimenting with advanced materials, business structures, and profit-sharing models to achieve a more sustainable and democratic alternative for the industry. With Cero Magazine editor-in-chief Jonathan Shia moderating, Andel co-founder for materials and innovation Weronika Banas, design strategist and adjunct professor Tara Maurice, and Sustainable Brooklyn co-founder Whitney McGuire discussed "Strategies for Sustainable Fashion," focusing not only on methods of improving and innovating production and manufacturing but also recentering the conversation to spotlight marginalized voices and the need for larger, systemic change. Afterwards, guests with backgrounds in fashion, media, design, activism, and law continued the conversation over signature cocktails at the EDITION's Lobby Bar, sharing ideas and laying the groundwork to push the discussion forward.

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Tara Maurice and Whitney McGuire

Tara Maurice and Whitney McGuire

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