Cero Magazine Launch Party

Celebrating the Launch of Cero Magazine at PUBLIC

Last Thursday night, we celebrated the launch of Cero Magazine and our inaugural issue with drinks and dancing at the Roof at the PUBLIC on Manhattan's Lower East Side, with a view overlooking New York in the middle of the city's busiest week in over eighteen months. Fashion week, the Armory Show, the VMAs, and the Met Gala all collided over one long weekend, bringing together a mixed crowd of artists, designers, activists, dancers, actors, photographers, writers, and models to enjoy cocktails by sustainably produced Ilegal Mezcal and Asian-owned Lunar Hard Seltzer, with bottles of carbon-negative hand sanitizer courtesy of Air Company. As our DJs WENNMEW and Goth Shakira played a mix of disco and electronic tracks, the party spilled out onto the open-air terrace on a crisp, clear night with the lights of New York City shining from all sides.

Click through the images below to see all the photos from our launch party. Pick up your print copy of our inaugural issue here.

Cero Magazine Launch Party at PUBLIC


Cero Magazine Launch Party at PUBLIC

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