Dior Spa

The Dior Spa Opens in Paris

There’s an argument to be made that luxury, at its heart, is based in process. Bold names, packaging, and prestige are really just branding, though they are often the language by which value is translated. True luxury is based in artisanal connection and expertise in craftsmanship—care in ritual. Perhaps the new Dior Spa, which just opened at the Cheval Blanc Paris near the Marais, embodies this concept in its ultimate form.

The Spa is Dior at its most indulgent and technical. It sits in an early-twentieth-century public bathhouse, translated into classic Parisian apartment-influenced treatment suites and baths by fashion’s preeminent architect Peter Marino. There’s a ‘New Look’ suite, with a structured design referencing Christian Dior’s radical embrace of the female form; a suite paying homage to Mitzah Bricard, Dior’s close collaborator, milliner, and muse, with feathers as a subtle tribute; and a suite dedicated to nature with a massage table covered in alpha-quartz. The treatments are the real appeal—book the Couture Dream, in which six hands work simultaneously to transform the face, body, and hair; or the Sublime Revelation, which utilizes Dior Prestige’s Le Micro-Caviar de Rose to soothe the face along with rose quartz, rock crystal, and semi-precious stones in a massage to eliminate toxins.

The Dior Spa is now open at Cheval Blanc Paris, 8 Quai du Louvre.

The Dior Spa Opens in Paris

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