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Dries Van Noten Introduces a Line of Fragrances

After over forty years in high fashion, the Belgian designer Dries Van Noten is expanding his label into beauty, injecting his signature fluorescent imagination into the world of fragrance with ten new gender-neutral scents. The artistic designs of the bottles reflect Van Noten's distinctive use of clashing prints and color, and the fragrances within illustrate his commitment to ethical, inclusive beauty. Enriched with rosehip oil, they are cruelty-free and made with organic ingredients.

The smells and packaging of the eaux de parfum are designed to work together to create a unique experience, ranging from sweet to earthy to ephemeral. The bottles, refillable and intended to look like traditional apothecary vials, are made of stained glass in a spectrum of colors and designs. Each comes with a coordinating drawstring bag made using repurposed deadstock fabric from past collections. The scents, drawing on the ethos of the brand, are delightfully unexpected, including Cannabis Patchouli, undercut with light sage, and Rock the Myrrh, inspired by the atmosphere of the label's Paris boutique, featuring a base of myrrh adorned with citrus and sprinkled with pink pepper. All ten fragrances, a few heavily featuring rose, one of the brand's icons, are dressed with lively and transformative notes.

With this latest venture, Van Noten makes inspired use of his heritage, translating an exploration of immersive experience into a gesture of multisensory expression, referencing that tradition but existing in modern spaces all his own.

Dries Van Noten eaux de parfum are available now at Dries Van Noten stores worldwide and driesvannoten.com. Click through the gallery below to see more. Read this story and many more in print by ordering CERO04 here.

Dries Van Noten Introduces a Line of Fragrances

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