Jai Odell

Dress by Isa Boulder. Earring by Simone Rocha.


As summer turns to fall, the new season promises a mood of uplift, optimism, and energy. For the main fashion story for our latest issue, photographer Jai Odell and stylist Andrej Skok have captured an exuberant Vic Ishimwe in full movement, her beads and braids flying while her chunky boots provide a solid foundation. Cooler temperatures may mean more layers, but no less of the sense of whimsy that has pervaded the year as we make our slow return to normal life, with ruffles, whimsical prints, and vibrant colors adding a touch of playfulness.

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Coat and skirt by Noir Kei Ninomiya. Socks and shoes by Simone Rocha.

Coat and skirt by Noir Kei Ninomiya. Socks and shoes by Simone Rocha.

Model: Vic Ishimwe at Women Management. Hair by Chiao Chenet at Bryant Artists using Oribe. Makeup by Min Kim at Streeters. Photographer's assistants: Arturo Astorino and Olivia Tran. Stylist's assistant: Alexis Landolfi. Hairstylist's assistant: Kenya Vallet. Casting by Evelien Joos and Shaun Beyen of Plus Three Two at Trouble Management. Production by Sonia Galliet at Trouble Management.

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