Whim by Pelle

Pelle's Soft Touch

Pelle, a new line of handcrafted silicone toys, was created with the sensitive body in mind, filling a market gap that founder Caitlin Royal noticed while shopping for herself. "They are not for penetration and they're not for vibrating or motorized mechanisms, it's just for manual, external, soft stimulation," she explains. "It came from the lack of that on the market for people with vulvas. They have plenty of non-mechanized stimulating toys for people with penises, but they don't have that for women." Royal spent two-and-a-half years developing Pelle's début product, Whim by Pelle, experimenting with different molds and designs and teaching herself how to work with silicone as she crafted a toy with a unique surface that mimics the softness of human touch.

Whim includes two delightfully squishy and alluringly curved components, Ripple and Dune. "The first set is just to be able to let the customer try something that is completely new to the market," Royal says. "Having two pieces in the set, with four different, specifically designed surfaces to elicit different intensity and feeling, is to try to give customers the best introduction to something new." While Whim currently retails at a luxury price point, the next step for Royal will be to offer a more affordable toy in the near future in order to ensure that pleasure is accessible to all.

Whim by Pelle is now available at FeelPelle.com.

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