Tokyo skateboarding

Tokyo's Skateboarding Scene

Last summer, as athletes from around the world gathered for the controversial Tokyo 2020 Olympics, rising case counts and local pandemic restrictions led to widespread initial disapproval among the Japanese. With the Games largely closed off from the general public, skateboarding and surfing made their débuts, adding a new energy and speaking to a younger generation. Japanese athletes, most of them teenagers, swept three of the four gold medals in skateboarding, a reminder that the bustling metropolis has a vibrant street skating scene of its own. Photographer Sarai Mari traveled to Tokyo last year to capture the city's spirit in this exclusive series celebrating a movement that is sport, entertainment, and lifestyle all rolled into one.

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Tokyo's Skateboarding Scene
Art by Coin Parking Delivery. Featuring Daisaku Hidaka (@deeskkrrrr), Ryu Katsumata (@ryukatsumata), Kazuto (@kzt_1225), Keito (@x_k_e_ito), Davy Lee (@davyleeeeeee), Takuto Sato (@takuto5ato), Fumi Ushiku (@fumi_fumes), and Ren Watabe (@ren_watabe) at Be Natural. Special thanks to Keisuke Asano.

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