How to Help Ukraine

How to Help: Ukraine

As Russian president Vladimir Putin's invasion of his peaceful neighbor Ukraine continues to grind on, the litany of horrors committed against civilians continues to shock with its horrific scope. Most major international charitable organizations have turned their attention to ameliorating the tragedy, but we wanted to shine a spotlight on smaller grassroots initiatives working to help in small but necessary ways. From tackling the expanding refugee crisis across Eastern Europe to offering economic support for creatives trapped in their war-torn nation and confronting rising levels of food insecurity in Africa, these groups are reminders that sometimes the best aid can be the most direct, and that communities will always come together to support their own.

Amoud Foundation

Hand to Hand

Help Us Help


Leleka Foundation

Nova Ukraine

Razom for Ukraine

Revived Soldiers Ukraine


Spirit of America

Sunflower of Peace

The $1K Project

Ukraine Friends

Vostok SOS

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